Piddle Proof Pads

Handmade absorbent, waterproof and breathable kick mats, car seat piddle pads, mattress protectors and much more.

A stay at home mum from Victoria attempting to make some mum, bub and tot friendly items. All mats are made waterproof, Piddle Proof, with high-quality PUL (Polyurethane Laminate).

Perfect for in the car, under play rings, on shopping centre change tables, home change table for comfort, protecting portacots and bed mattresses, keeping car seats clean and any number of other ideas.

Products include: Waterproof Backed Bibs; Baby Kick Mats; Change Mats; Car Seat Piddle Pads; Newborn Photography Prop Piddle Pads; Cloth High Chair Covers; and Funky Kid’s Bed Sheet Protectors.

Facebook: @PiddleProofPads